Prediction and bet on the match sporting — Atletico 12 APR 2018

12 April at 22:05 MSK “sporting” will “Atletico” on “estádio josé Alvalade” in the return game of the 1/4 stage of the Europa League.


Sporting has become one of the main newsmakers last days in football. Now, everyone knows about Bruno de Carvalho, the President of this team. After the players pretty unanimously indignant criticism from officials for the match in Madrid, and published in social networks, the head of the club took the drastic decision to remove troublemakers. But among them was Rui patrício, coentrão, William Carvalho, Gelson, Brian Ruiz, Wendell, Montero, Doumbia — 19 people, which later was supported by Ven. Publicly by the mouth of Georges Jesusa, head coach, all denied, but this is exactly the case when it is difficult to believe in smoke without fire. And this in a situation when we need to score three (okay, at least two) goals of Atletico Madrid, is still not flowing. Although it cannot be excluded that because of this drastic move was made by Bruno de Carvalho right now, when it is clear that in Europe there is no chance to go further, and Premeire sporting again is or usual 3rd or 4th place? Here and dare the President to initiate large-scale cleaning?


“Atletico” on this background looks a model of calm and confidence. A week ago, the “plans” took the win, which was the plan, with GM, is pretty typical score of 2-0. Wards Diego Simeone has once again managed to shock the opponent with the early goal. Seizing your moment and Griezmann, allowing the entire second half to their partners favorite thing to do is to fix the account. As usual in such cases, even atlético are still allowed the opponents in the end to get a few moments, but eventually was taken strategically 2-0. Given the fact that the goal of the team guards the Clouds, and in front of a bunch of acts Griezmann and Diego Costa, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which in Lisbon is to lose such a handicap. Especially since the Madrid Derby due to the passion of “real” Champions League is not so much force taken from the “plans”.

The odds on the match

Bookmaker betting-Match expects from atlético victory in the return leg. The guests may be called of 1.89, while the Portuguese on home turf received a 4.7, and a draw at 3.4. A large number of heads, experts do not expect: only 1.6 “of total less than 2.5” when of 2.44, which estimated “more.”

Prediction and bet of

Atlético in the Europa League away plays quite fun. And given the fact, what the atmosphere is like the enemy to me, if not a waterfall of goals from Griezmann and company, at least a pair of goals in their performance. And sporting will try to score the Cloud at least once over the 180 minutes.

TB for the 2.0


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