Prediction and bet on the match Salzburg — Lazio April 12, 2018

12 April at 22:05 MSK “Salzburg” will take Lazio on “Red bull arena” in the return game of the 1/4 stage of the Europa League.


Salzburg will come into this fight as the most important this season — if not in decades. Austrian clubs have long been considered to take part in the semi-final stages of the European Cup. It is therefore not necessary to note defeat “bulls” Affection in the championship — there is still our lead to 8 points over the pursuers, and that’s not tuned into this match, saving power and emotions on Thursday. And “Salzburg” their chances will definitely be enough to remember how boldly and actively, the team played in Rome, forcing all to remember that has already collected the scalps of such veteran European club like Sociedad with Borussia Dortmund. There, in the Stadio Olimpico, was not strong enough in the last 20-25 minutes. But now the home stands can help, and the situation comes classic, “sink or swim”


Lazio can’t afford the luxury to fully concentrate on the Europa League. On the contrary, the “eagles” now would be a very difficult period in Serie A, which will need a couple of days consistently hold the Derby against Roma and away to Fiorentina. And the tournament situation in the fight for 4th place in the Calcio is such that it is desirable in this mini-segment of the dial 4, and preferably 6 points. So in Austria from Simone Inzaghi can expect attempts to play pragmatic, understanding that strength to achieve a positive outcome, it is better not to spend. Thanks to a goal by Immobile, have stock after a home 4-2. By the way, Ciro became a hero and a comeback victory over Udinese: he levelled the score, after which he acted as assistant. But will it produce, at least at the base, in Salzburg? Or hoard on the bench, keeping the striker for the coming battle with Roma?

The odds on the match

Bookmaker Leon believes the chances of the teams in the return game is quite equal. Moreover, experts even tend to give the victory to the hosts: quotes exhibited in their favor, 2,21/2,89. More confidence they have that the audience will not be bored: when 1,56 on “over 2,5” in proposed less tempting of 2.25.

Prediction and bet of

Salzburg will give their all, but Lazio plays boring: 7 games in a row this team has consistently scored but also missed a once — in Kiev, “Dynamo”, although Ukrainians in Italy was marked twice. Most likely, Thursday will also be 3 goals in the performance of the clubs and it is at least.

TM 2.5 per


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