Prediction and bet on the match Leipzig – Marseille 5 April 2018

5 April at 22:05 GMT in the German city of Leipzig will host a match of 1/4 final of the Europa League, where the stadium “Red bull arena” local “Leipzig” will the representative of France “Marseille”.


The Austrian team coach Ralph Hasenhuttl is among the clubs that break into the elite of European football as abruptly as it deserved. Thanks to the hard work and coordination of all club services (special services – sports Director Ralph Rangnick), “energetic” ranked among the best quickly and, as seen, for a long time.

So, while things have “Red bull” going well in the League and in European competition. Yes, the team was relegated from the Champions League, but demand from the team, which has no proper experience of playing in the Champions League and good results in the tournament immediately, not worth it. At this stage the Republic of Belarus in the quarter-finals of the second most prestigious club competition of the Old world – undoubtedly a great success.

…Which has been achieved largely due to the powerful attacking play. The “Leipzig” remains one of the most exciting teams within the Bundesliga and the current Champions League campaign. And this entertainment is achieved at the expense of not only good games to come, but vague actions in defense. Namely the protection of the Achilles heel of this energy.

If you look at the results of “Leipzig” in Europe, we will reach a curious pattern. RB conceded in all matches in the Champions League and the Europa League! Regardless of the venue doors gate team Hasenhuttl opponents are always open. In many ways, this situation is due to the fact that this team desperately needs at least one strong, Top Central defender…


The current season may be the best for FC Olimpik Donetsk in the last eight years. It was then that Marseille until recent times became the best club of France. Today, to compete with PSG capital (by the way, my worst enemy Olympique de Marseille) Olympique de Marseille are not able to, but in the Europa League things this club is doing very well.

Now the new team’s dream to win the European Cup. Some prerequisites for reaching this goal is.

The team of former coach Italian “Roma” Rudy Garcia playing bright, attacking style – in fact, as his “wolves”. Featuring “Marcel” they are going to play a lot of games in which “fought” total. But more interesting to trace the dynamics of performance in games with the athletes.

So, even a cursory glance at the outcome of the matches of Olympique de Marseille since the beginning of the season enough to understand that by and large, this team is still where both to score and pass. If you take all matches “Marseilles” with the start of the 2017/18 campaign, it turns out that Olympic failed to score in only 7 matches. While in total away matches, Marseille have played 27.

The odds on the match from the bookmaker

Analysts betting company Winline in this match favorite pair I see the Ambassador of Germany. In Victoria the owners offered rate, which equals 1.74. The victory of Marseille is evaluated by the quote of 4.83. The choice in favor of signing an amicable agreement possible for 3.94.

Put on TB of 2.5 is available for 1.83, opting TM 2,5 is possible for 2.09.

Prediction and bet of

The argument of “Leipzig” and “Marcel” – a fight between two roughly equal clubs. Taking into account the existential problems of the owners with the defense of their possessions, and the ability of guests to find and sell your chance in any territory, we will select the option at least with one goal Olympique de Marseille.

Total 2(0.5) for

1.52 m

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